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Welcome to The Royals and Nobles Ancestry, your premier online genealogy repository, dedicated to tracing the regal and noble lineages that have shaped history.

Our platform is the creation of a dedicated genealogy enthusiast, driven by an unwavering fascination with unraveling the intricate relationships among the royalty and nobility. As an ongoing personal project, we are committed to its steady and deliberate development, ensuring that our database evolves with both precision and care to deliver a meticulously curated resource.

The primary objective of this website is to present a comprehensive exploration of individuals' ancestral and descendant lineages spanning multiple generations. We extend our coverage to the relationships between cousins over various generations, with a comprehensive archive of cousin and in-law marriages, accessible through our dedicated Relationship tabs.

The website will mainly focusing on European monarchies. In the future, it may expand to Asian monarchies.

Our sources are well-referenced, easily cross-referenced through major search engines and recognized references such as Wikipedia. We encourage you to visit us regularly, as our repository continues to expand, as we continually add fresh insights to the captivating world of royalty and nobility.

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Abdy Abercromby Ackner Ackroyd Acland Acland Troyte Aitken Akeland Akelane Aldridge Alston Altham Anderson Ando Andorsen Andrew Anglin Arkcoll Armitage Ashton Austin Aymer Bacon Baillie Baird Balfour Bankes Bannerman Barber Barker Barnardiston Barrie Barrington Barry Baugh Beadon Beaton Beauchamp Beaufort Beckett Beckford Beech Beechey Bell Benwell Biddulph Blechinberg Bothwell Bramston Brooke Brooksbank Browne Browne-Clayton Bruce Campbell Carlisle Cholmley Clifford Clowes Cole Copley Cornish Cotton Craig Czernin Davidson de Chimay de Neville de Stuteville Deverell Douglas Drummond Duff Duff Gordon Duncan Durlacher Dyke El-Bay Erskine-Tulloch Evans Field-Marsham Firth Fitzwilliam Flower Floyer-Acland Foale Forbes Ford Fortescue Garguilo Gifford Gordon Graham Grant Gray Grey Grimmond Guthrie Hackney Hamilton Hamilton-Gordon Harper Harrison Hastie Hay Henley Hervey Heywood Hoare Holland Hope Howard Hughes Humphreys Hunter Ingleby Innes Keith King Knight Knox Law Lawrence Leith Lenthall Leslie Lewis Lewkenor Lillingston Livingston Lloyd Lomax Macnaghten Magruder Marion Maude-Roxby Maxwell McLaren Money Murray Neville Newmarch Nicholas Nickols of Brunswick-L√ľneburg of England of France of Great Britain of Lancaster of the Palatinate of the United Kingdom of Wales of York Ogilvy Peploe Phillips Plantagenet Plumer Pole Poole Price Purbrick Ramsay Rickman Ridley Robinson Rose Russell Sams Sandilands Sandys Sargent Scarlett Scott Seton Smith Stewart Stonhill Strang Stuart Sunnucks Swete Taylor Thornicroft Tomes Troyte Tudor Urquhart Vincent Wallace Walpole Welfare White Whiteley Whittaker Williams Wood Woodville Wright Young

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