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The Royals and Nobles Ancestry is an online genealogical database and it is intended to be used to determine the relationship(s) between two individuals. The primary objective of this website is to present a comprehensive exploration of individuals' ancestral and descendant lineages spanning multiple generations. We extend our coverage to the relationships between cousins over various generations, with a comprehensive archive of cousin and in-law marriages, accessible through the "Relationship" in the individual's page.

This website is made by a dedicated genealogy enthusiast, who wants to share the complex connections among royalty and nobility. As an ongoing project, I'm developing this website to provide a reliable resource. It is currently in its initial phase and will remain a work in progress. Click on "What's New" for what have been added.

The website will mainly focusing on European monarchies. In the future, it may expand to Asian monarchies and ancient Pharaohs.

Our sources are well-referenced and easily cross-referenced through major search engines and recognized references like Wikipedia. We encourage you to visit the website regularly we continuously add individuals, expanding the connections.

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Abdy Abercromby Ackner Ackroyd Acland Acland Troyte Adams Akeland Akelane Aldridge Anderson Ando Andrew Baillie Baird Barclay Beauchamp Beaufort Beckett Bell Biddulph Bishop Blechinberg Bothwell Bramston Brooke Brooksbank Brown Browne Browne-Clayton Bruce Campbell Carlisle Chapman Chase Cholmley Clifford Clowes Cole Coles Copley Cornish Cotton Craig Cunningham Czernin Davidson de Neville Deverell Dodge Douglas Drummond Duff Duff Gordon Duncan Dunn Durlacher Dyke El-Bay Emerson Erskine-Tulloch Evans Field-Marsham Firth Fitzwilliam Flower Floyer-Acland Foale Forbes Ford Fortescue Fox Frazer Garguilo Gifford Goddard Gooda Gordon Gould Graham Grant Gray Grey Grimmond Guthrie Hackney Hamilton Hamilton-Gordon Harper Harrison Hastie Hay Henley Hervey Heywood Hindmarsh Hoare Holland Hope Horton-Fawkes Howard Hughes Humphreys Hunter Ingleby Innes Johnson Keith Keown King Knight Knox Law Lawrence Leith Lenthall Leslie Lewis Lewkenor Lillingston Livingston Lloyd Lomax Macnaghten Magruder Mahony Marion Marshall Maude-Roxby Maxwell McHardy McLaren Money Mordaunt Morris Murray Musgrave Neville Newmarch Nicholas Nickols of England of Great Britain of Lancaster of the Palatinate of the United Kingdom of Wales of York Ogilvy Owen Pavey Peploe Phillips Plantagenet Plumer Pole Poole Price Procter Purbrick Ramsay Rawstorne Renton Rickman Ridley Robinson Rose Russell Sams Sandilands Sandys Sargent Scarlett Scott Seton Smith Stewart Stockley Stonhill Strang Stuart Sunnucks Swete Tabor Taylor Thornicroft Tomes Troyte Tudor Urquhart Wallace Welfare Weston White Whiteley Whittaker Williams Wood Wright Young

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